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Typology is a modern text based WordPress minimal blog theme created for bloggers that just want to write (i.e. writer, book author), without the hassle of looking for the right images. It has a unique minimalist design based on beautiful typography which will make your personal website look good with or without images. Simply write your content and keep blogging – Typology will handle the rest.

What kind of minimalist websites you can create with Typology blog WordPress theme?

  • Writer blog, book author, novelist or poetry (poem) website (for those who like distraction-free and typographic design with a focus on content and storytelling)
  • Any kind of a tech blog (from coding blog to programming blog)
  • Personal blog for those who personally prefer minimalist design
  • Simple – clean – developer blog
  • Book author who wants to have their own minimal blog
  • Author website
  • Typology is one of the best blogging theme for text heavy blogs ( focus is primarly on typography and content )
  • You can also check Typographic WordPress Theme showcase and see our users in action!

With its simplicity Typology is an well known simple theme for bloggers. With few clicks your blog will be online – functional features of this minimalist theme will help you to create a successful blog.

Having questions or wish to learn more about Typology minimalist theme, we have a huge selection of useful articles which you can easily browse at our Knowledge Base.

Typology features list

  • Choose your style – Whether you are a fan of modern material design or prefer the flat style we’ve got you covered
  • Customize your home page – The home page features several sections to display different content
  • Choose from different textual post layouts – Because one post layout is simply not enough
  • Take control of your typography – With its typographic approach to design, Typology provides a wide range of fonts and options to fine-tune font sizes adn letter spacing of your texts and headings.
  • Apply your brand – Typology provides options for unlimited fonts and color combinations, as well as dedicated sections to upload your logo and icons
  • Responsive design – Your content will scale seamlessly on all of today’s modern devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.
  • Advanced theme options panel – Setup your website in 5 minutes with our easy-to-use theme options panel
  • Pagination Types – You can have a classic Older Posts/Newer Posts navigation, Numeric Pagination, Load More buttons or Infinite Scroll
  • Custom Widgets – Alongside the standard WordPress widgets, Typology features several custom widgets that further extend its functionality.
  • Minimalist Color Palete – Well balanced color palette built on one color. Variety of combinations but with one color minimalist approach.
  • Shortcodes – Add complex elements to your content easily with 12 flexible shortcodes. Shortcodes are small pieces of code that you can insert into any Page or Post to create beautiful columns, separators, highlights, dropcaps, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars, social icons, tabs, toggles and accordions with minimal fuss.
  • WooCommerce support – Add a fully functioning shop to your new website, with the advanced features offered by the WooCommerce WordPress plugin!
  • RTL support – Typology fully supports Right-To-Left oriented reading which is an essential requirement when you are running a website with global reach! Simply turn this option on in the Theme Options Panel.
  • Built-in translation – Easily modify or translate any text on your website through the theme options panel.
  • One-click demo content import – Demo content is included, so you get a website similar to our demo, ready to start tweaking!
  • One-click updates – You can connect your website with the Envato official API to be notified about upcoming updates through your Admin Dashboard. Every time a Typology update is released, you can update with a single click, just like you would for any other theme hosted on the official WordPress repository.
  • Setup guide – Learn step-by-step, how to setup Typology and all of its options, quickly and easily with our comprehensive documentation.
  • Get help from WordPress experts – Do you have questions, issues or feature ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us! We usually respond within 24 hours.

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Change Log


  • Fixed: Image popup option not working (Theme Options -> Misc.)


  • Improved: Tested compatibility with WordPress 6.0 (yes, it’s safe update your theme)
  • Fixed: Gallery and image popup options not working in WP 5.9+


  • Added: Single post option to pull Previous/Next posts from the same category
  • Improved: Theme Options UI and UX changes
  • Fixed: Firefox and Redux (Theme Options) save problem
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Improved: WordPress 5.8 compatibility tweaks (yes,you can update your theme)
  • Added: noopener attribute to certain links
  • Fixed: Gutenberg editor font size problem
  • Fixed: Gutenberg gallery popup problem
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Fixed: WP 5.7 Gutenberg editor font size problem


  • Improved: WordPress 5.5 Compatibility tweaks
  • Added: Support for WP-Post Views Plugin


  • Added: Blank page template (without the title, header and footer)
  • Added: Official support for WP Forms WordPress plugin
  • Added: Options to choose multiple stylings for social sharing in the plugin settings in dashboard (Settings -> Meks Easy Social Share)
  • Fixed: Changing content width on single post and Layout A not properly applied to its featured image dimensions
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues

Great news! Typology theme has been awarded the “WP requirements compliance badge” by Envato/ThemeForest, which is a certificate proving that it now meets the highest quality standards in the WordPress ecosystem.

  • Improved: A slight code refactoring to meet the highest standards per Envato requirements
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues

Mandatory changes to accommodate the latest Envato/ThemeForest requirements:

  • Theme Options panel is removed from the theme. To make it appear again, you need to install and activate Redux Framework Plugin via Appearance -> Typology plugins
  • All theme associated widgets cannot be a part of the theme anymore and are now removed. To get your widgets back, please install and activate Typology Buddy plugin in Appearance -> Typology plugins
  • Social sharing functionality cannot be a part of the theme anymore. To enable social sharing, please install and activate Meks Easy Social Share plugin in Appearance -> Typology plugins
  • Additional JS field is not allowed in Theme options anymore thus it is removed from the theme. As an alternative, you can use Insert Headers and Footers WordPress Plugin
  • Additional CSS field is not allowed in Theme options anymore and is now patched into the WordPress native field in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS


  • Added: Styling support for the latest WordPress blocks (introduced in WordPress 5.2)
  • Added: Admin panel styling for WP 5.0+ editor and all blocks
  • Added: Support for Yoast SEO “primary category” feature (Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Modified: Options to choose social networks for sharing are now located in the plugin settings in dashboard (Settings -> Meks Easy Social Share)
  • Improved: Authors page template now list only users which has written articles
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Added: Authors page template to list all you blog users/authors
  • Fixed: Several JS conflicts with specific plugins
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Added: Styling for Blocks (coming with the new WordPress editor in version 5.0)
  • Improved: Fully tested and ready for WordPress 5.0
  • Improved: Envato Market plugin is now recommended for theme updates
  • Improved: Google Fonts library is updated
  • Fixed: Google Adsense not being displayed in some cases when used inside “Between posts” ad slot
  • Fixed: Several minor styling issues


  • Added: Initial support for the upcoming new WordPress content editor (Gutenberg)
  • Added: Support for Co Authors Plus WordPress Plugin
  • Added: Option to disable ads on specific pages, i.e contact, 404, etc… (Theme Options -> Ads)
  • Improved: Styling for GDPR cookie consent checkbox field in comment form
  • Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers


  • Added: Display/layout options per each post and page. Now you can override the global post/page options for each post or page separately.
  • Added: Category, tag & author template layout options. Now you can have different layouts for different archives instead of the global layout for all archives (Theme Options -> Archive Templates)
  • Added: Ads integration – now you have several ad slots to display your ads across the website (Theme Options -> Ads)
  • Added: Option to display a scroll-down arrow when cover area covers the entire screen (Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Added: Footer widgetized area layouts/columns. Now you can choose between several predefined layouts for your footer widgets (Theme Options -> Footer)
  • Added: Letter spacing options. Now you can also fine-tune letter spacing for each font you choose (Theme Options -> Typography)
  • Fixed: Font size options rare bug on specific server configurations
  • Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers


  • Added: Option to add second color to create gradient cover background (Theme Options -> Styling & Colors)
  • Added: Instagram Widget (by using Meks Easy Instagram widget WordPress plugin)
  • Added: Option to display post date in “some time ago format (by using “Meks Time Ago WordPress plugin)
  • Added: Option to enable/disable archive (category, tag, etc…) description in both cover and no-cover archive layouts (Theme Options -> Archive Templates)
  • Added: Option to disable cover and intro area on paginated pages of Home Page (Theme Options -> Home Page)
  • Added: Option to specify “number of words per minute” in order to fine-tune calculation of posts “reading time” (Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Added: Option to prevent the theme’s front-end styling to apply to the admin post editor (Theme Options -> Misc.)
  • Added: If Video Background is used, an option to upload an image as a callback for mobile devices that don’t support video background (Theme Options -> Styling & Colors)
  • Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers


  • Added: Option to auto play (auto-rotate) slider on home page (Theme Options -> Home Page)
  • Added: Options to display search and social menu in header (Theme Options -> Header)
  • Added: Options to change text paragraph width (Theme Options -> Typography)
  • Added: Option to display featured image caption for single posts (Theme Options -> Single Post)
  • Added: Styling for new default WordPress widgets (Audio, Video, Image)
  • Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode


  • Added: Support for WooCommerce WordPress plugin
  • Added: Option to upload cover background video (Theme Options -> Styling & Colors)
  • Added: Option to display author image/avatar on author archive page (Theme Options -> Archive Templates)
  • Added: Option to specify custom logo URL if you want to point out logo to different location instead of your home page (Theme Options -> Branding)
  • Added: Page/post admin editor styles. Now when writing posts in the back-end you get very similar look as on the website front-end.
  • Improved: Cover behavior when it has a lot of content
  • Fixed: Missing option to translate “To Top” text (Theme Options -> Translation)
  • Fixed: Minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode


  • Improved: Dropcaps now works for specific languages which use UTF8 characters (ex: Cyrillic fonts)
  • Fixed: Lots of minor styling issues in various browsers, responsive and RTL mode


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